for fixed media
video: Kiou Kalami
commissioned by Long Beach Opera as part of “Songbook 2020”
November 15, 2020

“…And the dark night was deserted, like the vast infinite;
And, with the lonely and bloody moon,
Like a myriad motionless marble statues,
All the dead bodies of our earth arose to pray for one another.”
Written for and premiered by the Pogossian/Manouelian family:
April 23, 2020. Los Angeles, California

“The Shadow of a Leaf in Water”
Ensemble Dal Niente
November 1, 2018
Ann E. Pitzer Concert Hall
Davis, California

Left Coast Chamber Ensemble
March 12, 2018
San Francisco Conservatory
The Distorted Reminiscences of a Guardian”
Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
March 2016
Bilkent Concert Hall

“Lullaby for Shattered Angels”
flute: Cem Önertürk, viola: Tuba Özkan, Harp: Bengi Canatan
conductor: Orhun Orhon
August 10, 2015
Elleni Church, Sinasos (Mustafapaşa)